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How to Find a Hauling Company Service Near Me?

Choose Blaze Hauling for all your cargo and freight moving jobs. Centrally located in North British Columbia, our company has been providing exceptional service for years. We specialize in numerous transport service offerings, including cargo and freight moving.

Cargo and freight moving requires a specialized skill set. Blaze Hauling has team members highly trained in moving a variety of freight. All loads are secured and transported quickly. We even offer hot shot service for those in need of expedited service within the British Columbia area.

Cargo and freight moving services are very affordable. Services include pickup and delivery to and from your preferred location. All items are secured during transport. All items will arrive when you expect them at your chosen delivery spot. Cargo and freight moving services can be used by those moving to a new location or by businesses changing the site of operations. Our fleet and drivers are fully insured to make sure all items within your delivery are covered in case of an accident. Freight and cargo of different shapes and sizes can be handled by Blaze Hauling. Our trucks include 30 foot gooseneck, 34 gooseneck, and 1 ton dually. Our well-maintained fleet has faithfully serviced those in need of cargo and freight moving for years. Blaze Hauling is highly rated with exceptional customer service feedback. Our customers choose to use us again and again for any type of cargo and freight moving assignment.

Never use Google alone to find a hauling company service near me. Compare customer feedback, prices, and service offerings to pick the best hauling company in British Columbia. Contact us today by phone or online to book your next transport service appointment. We promise to provide prompt and reliable service to each client.

Cargo And Freight Moving: About Us
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