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Light Hauling Service in British Columbia

Light hauling service by Blaze Hauling helps you get your items where they need to be as quickly as possible. Light hauling consists of loads with a single item or can also feature a room full of furniture. Light hauling service is typically offered to clients looking for jobs such as a basement clean-out, storage unit clearing out, or small renovation project cleanup.

Light hauling service is very versatile. Those in need of junk removal or clients involved in clean-up projects can benefit from light hauling service. Light hauling is a very affordable service and helps move any clean-up projects along. Junk items are removed safely from an area and disposed of at the proper facilities. Light hauling is a preferred service for items that are not of great value. Heavy hauling is typically only needed when items being transported are of high value.

Our transport company is available to help your projects go smoothly. We have assisted on home renovation projects and annual spring clean-ups. Light hauling service is low-cost, but highly reliable. If you are on a tight project schedule, we will still be able to accommodate your timeframe.

Light hauling is also used for services outside of clean-ups. A light hauling job could involve the relocation of furniture from point a to point b. Light hauling jobs could also consist of the removal and delivery of office equipment to a new space. Appliances that require transportation to a new location are also available through light hauling service. Some customers use light hauling for transporting a single large item they have purchased. As an example, light hauling may be appropriate for residential equipment pieces, playground equipment, appliances, furniture, recreational sport vehicles, and more.

Don’t break the bank by using anyone else for your light hauling service requirements. Contact Blaze Hauling for a no-obligation quote on your British Columbia transport needs.

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